What is Street View | Trusted?

Google Street View is a service that allows your clients to see what you have to offer without leaving office or home. For example, a potential client chooses a restaurant for dinner. He will go to the site, Google Maps or in mobile phone use Google applicaion and view feedbacks and evaluations which will be valuable for his decision. But it is better to see once than to hear for a hundred times! With Google Street View your client can take a virtual tour to the store, fitness club or restaurant. Searching immediately became more efficient, the client can see a graphic illustration of what is meant by “comfortable interior” and “pleasant environment”. During the web search virtual tour is a favorable difference among businesses and much more better than just a point on the map.

Google Street View brings your customers into your business with virtual tour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Stand Out In Google Search

With a virtual tour from a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, you are allowing web users to explore your business premises as they search on the world’s most popular search engine.

Street View Trusted tours are embedded within Google Knowledge Graphs. Even if you haven’t heard of the term “Google Knowledge Graph”, you’ve surely encountered it when searching for a local business. Google updated its search algorithm in May 2012 to present a box on the right of search results to show local business information. When you search for a business by its name, you’ll be delivered relevant business information such as contact details, photos, location map and with Street View Trusted you will get the added option of “see inside”.

By enhancing your Google Knowledge Graph and your free local business listing within Google Search, you are opening your doors to potential customers 24/7. Instinctively, since humans tend to be visually oriented, your prospects will get a sense of what you offer and are more likely to convert into clients.

Explore on Maps

Google Maps is one of the most utilised platform in the world. A key functionality of the application is to make your business easier to find. Google can only retain the crown for the most used navigation application if the data that it holds is both accurate and relevant.

When our Street View Trusted Photographer comes to take a photoshoot of your business, he can assist Google in verifying that the location of the business is accurate. A verified location will appear higher in local search results versus another business equal in all other aspects. Hence, you are giving your business a competitive edge over others by implementing the Street View Trusted virtual tour.

When on the go, consumers increasingly turn to Google Maps on their mobile device to find businesses around them. Users turn to Google Maps to search for terms like “restaurants near me” or “supermarket near me”, with Street View Trusted embedded on the Google Maps listing, they can quickly get an idea if the place is a suitable match to what they wish to purchase, experience or visit.





We will discuss the date and time of the shoot; detail the cost of services; and we will explain how to prepare your interior for the best effect.

Photo session.

Before making the images needed, we will need to sign an agreement on the use of the images and a contract for services. The photography requires about one hour, or more depending on the size of the premises.


After the shoot we process the raw photographs for full effect: retouching, color correction, adjustment of parameters, etc. Correction of the image is available too, upon request. After the image is processed, the images are “stitched” together with specialized software to create the panorama.

Publishing of the virtual tour

All photopanoramas uploaded to Google. Once the series pass quality control the images will be published in Google Earth, Google Search is, Google+ Local Business Center, Google Maps, Google+, Google Maps for mobile. You will receive an email from us when your virtual tour is available. You can then publish the virtual tour on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the virtual tour.


Increase visibility

Google Bussines Virtual Tour improve the “visibility” of your business in the Internet. Move your company in virtual reality with an interactive panoramic tour! You will be able to demonstrate all the advantages of the business whether it’s a restaurant, shop, gym or beauty salon.

24/7 Exposure

With the virtual tour, you will be able to familiarize an immeasurably greater number of people with the atmosphere of the place than by any other type of advertising. A person who wants to relax and unwind will be much more confident in visiting a new place if he has previously seen a Virtual Tour and knows what awaits him.him.

Gives you flexibility and freedom.

You can manage the customer’s attention: wares can be shown from the most favorable sides or can be shown to answer to frequently asked questions.

Website & Social Media Integration

You can publish the virtual tour on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the virtual tour.

Cross-platforming compatible

Cross-platforming HTML5 engine, with the ability to show the virtual tour on desktops, tablets, smart phones, iPad, Android and iPhones.

One time investment

The best possible ROI solution. Hosting your tour is free, and you’ll only pay one time for the photo shoot. With this one-time investment, you’ll have a next-generation web tool that’ll help turn your online visitors into customers before they ever stop foot inside your store.  


Bring customers inside your business via search results with a virtual tour built on Google Maps technology.


Click to download offer.

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A fully optimised listing can increase your visibility in Google search by 24% when fully optimised alongside a virtual tour you will increase the visibility of your listing by up to 48%, unlocking the full potential of your tour in search.Read more


What is 360 Interactive Video

YouTube & Facebook now supports interactive video content, it’s a must have for your digital strategy in 2016. 360 degree video is an immersive media technology changing the way a viewer interacts with live streaming video, video on demand, online training sessions, virtual tours or other video production applications.
Our company produce 360 degree video from still panoramas that can be upload on Facebook, Youtube and other 360 video supported services.


What is Google My Business Optimize Service?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the more advanced small business marketers, especially when it comes to digital. You’ve probably got a website. And you probably also have a presence on Google and Yelp.

But you might not be getting everything you can out of them. So we decided to run Google My Business Optimize Service to provide you with an efficient way to optimize your Google My Business Site experience.

Google improves search results by aggregating information about your business from all over the web. We will make sure that information about your business is accurate and represent your business in the best way it can be. This include that your business location is entered correctly on the map so users can find you easily, right category listed for your business and also right subcategory, open hours, payments types, your authoritative and official business website on the local Google+ page, business name, physical address, and phone number(s) and many more.






To be a photographer is to be a storyteller with pictures.

The camera and the accessories are just tools to bring a story to life and present it in visual form. This has been the mission since the time I got my first camera at 12 years old. Although that technology has long since become outdated, the principles remain—the story through the image.

My task is to take the customer’s vision and build this compelling story. There are many tools, methods, and locations to create these images, but rarely is it impossible to produce the image that the customer enjoys.

It’s simply a matter of using creativity to apply methods and technology to an idea.


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